Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Over Reactive, Needy Parent,

Please don't ask me how I like my children's school when what you really want to do is explain to me why you don't want to send your child there. No the cost in tuition is not less because the "other school" has better books, teachers or will hold your hand more. $500 will not cover the cost of your neurosis. Your son is an enormous PITA. I know because you live across the street, and when I see you out I run for my door. So for the tiny amount of tuition your single-child household will throw my children's low-cost school... please choose the other school.


Everyday Goddess said...

With a mother like that you know that PITA kid will wind up a river guide in Utah. Then you can laugh.

Marinka said...

Do parents like that not realize that we understand what they're doing. Good fucking grief.