Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a grump

My head hurts. I am home with both kids, supposedly working from home, and my mother is being seriously annoying. And depressing. And ridiculous. I want to smack her. Or tell her to just die already.  And my daughter peed on the rug because I couldn't find a diaper and she took hers off, after she conned me into taking her pants off because she wanted to go potty. She didn't want to go potty. She wanted to pee on my rug. And take her pants off. I don't have enough food in the house. I don't feel up to creating fun activities. My eyes are burning. And the Wiggles make me want o kick someone.

My baby keeps eating her hand. It gets wet and cold and slimy. I hate that.

Did I mention I have a headache? And that my daughter will be spending the entire fricking day in front of the TV?

Don't judge me - you know you'd do it too if you were having a day like this.


ShallowGal said...

I am having the exact same shitty day. I actually just told my 3 year old that he could not go outside and to just sit there and watch his Sid the Science Kid.

xoxo, SG

ShallowGal said...

And I mean that in a 'misery loves company' way, not a 'you're not the one one with a problem way.'

And it's noon here now, which means the bar is officially open.

xoxo, SG