Friday, January 30, 2009

I can't remember

I used to have an ace memory but since I got pregnant I constantly forget what it is I'm supposed to be doing. Instead of a mind like a steel trap I feel more like a goldfish lately.



Jodi said...

Had to delete my first comment due to a wording error. English major + slightly OCD = lots of rewrites.

I think there should be a serious medical study on the effects of pregnancy and parenting on brain function, because what you say is so true. And really, shouldn't you have a *better* memory when pregnant and after becomming a parent? So you can recall things like where you put the baby?

My sister says that the placenta is attached directly to the brain, so every time you give birth, you lose a chunk of grey matter. Plausible.

rachel... said...

Jodi, I think your sister is on to something. Anyway, I'm totally using that as my excuse for everything from now on.

Anonymous said...

Steel trap = everything in it is crushed and mangled