Friday, January 30, 2009

Stroller as Battering-ram

Dear Urban Moms & Dads in Silverlake, CA:

Please stop using your strollers as battering-rams. In the aisles at Trader Joe's. On the running path around the reservoir. As you step defiantly into traffic, seemingly demanding: Get out of my way, Baby On Board!

If you're trying to kill your child, please just do it the old fashioned way - drown 'em then blame it on a black guy.

Thank you,



Marinka said...

since I'm going to hell for LMAO at this, I'm glad that I chose to do it when it's so fucking cold in NYC, so that at least I'll be all warm and toasty there.

Christy said...


Christy said...

At least Marinka had the decency to feel bad about her comment; me, not so much. Still laughing.

Sticky said...

not feeling bad - totally laughing!

Kerry said...

note to self: Do not read hilarious whines while drinking Diet Coke.

Anonymous said...

i just spit coke and cheez-its on to my computer.
thank you.