Thursday, January 29, 2009

What More Do I Need to do for MORE Money!?

Dear People Who Are My Bosses but Have No Actual Supervision Over Me (I'm a federal contractor);
After 5 months of "helping you out" by making a detour to one of the biggest positions a girl like me could have, PLEASE give me more money.  I was filling in for a GS-12 in the Washington, DC area.  Do you KNOW what a girl, 3.5 years out of college (out-of-state), could do with an $87k salary?  I could pay off my $800/month (stupid out-of-state college) loans A LOT faster than I am now...and buy a new car...and get my eyebrows waxed on a more regular basis. 
The transition happened.  My boss left and I am back on my "career path".  Only on Monday they told me they don't need me in the position for which I was originally hired.  Now people are fighting over me.  Everyone wants a piece.  Surely I AM worth more than a measly $55k (the most money I've ever made!)...right?  I even have an email from one of you that says, and I QUOTE:  Thank you. You have obviously become a valuable asset.  I mean, you wouldn't want me to actually go FED, would you?!
YOUR Valuable Asset.
PS: Marinka and Shallow Gal...excuse the crazy email address...LONG, SECRET STORY.


Marinka said...

Have you tried using reverse psychology and asking for less money? (and don't worry--we can't see email addresses!)

ShallowGal said...

But SecretTweet does. And they store them!