Wednesday, February 4, 2009

anonymous please!

I’m tired of trying to guess which side people walking towards me are going to pass me on. I’m from the US where we pass on the right on the sidewalks and everywhere else, but currently live overseas where we drive on the left and people from all over the world live, who I guess have different ideas. Pick a side and stick with it! Maybe the government needs to get involved here……it’s a constant dance on the sidewalks and in the stores. It’s irritating. Maybe I’ll move back home but I don’t want my tax dollars going to Wall St…oh – that’s 2 whines in 1 post isn’t it?


Marinka said...

Even in the US, where the passing on the right is like in the Constitution, people seem confused. Obama needs to address this. It is annoying.

Marinka said...

Wait, now I'm confused. I thought we passed on the left in the U.S.
Maybe I'm thinking of the escalator? Stand on the right, walk on the left?