Friday, February 20, 2009

banks suck..lets call this one "washmovia"

i hate washmovia. i hate them. worst bank in the world. my money was direct deposited at midnite...those 2 pending transactions didnt clear till after midnite...yet i still have 70.00 in overdraft fees....why?? because their system updates till 7:30 AM..and those 2 transactions, even though they didnt clear until THIS MORNING, still count as transactions for the previous day. THATS BULLSHIT!!!!!!! scam to get my hard earned money.
i hate washmovia. no other bank does that. i switched because my employers have "a relationship" with them..yeah its called "washmovias bitch".
i want to punch something. now there goes my grocery money. assholes


Anonymous said...

My bank is the same way. I was once charged overdraft fees for the monthly service fees that I didn't have enough money in my account to cover.

rachel... said...

Kind of cancels out the benefits of the "free" checking account, huh? My bank has done the same thing. Funny how they can make the rules all bendy to get more of my money.

Anonymous said...

I like that, lol. Free checking my ass!! And it's not like it would do any good to switch banks because they all do the same "bendy" things. Of course, if I had enough money to keep in there it wouldn't be a problem but things are tough all over.

Jodi said...

Yeah, we also use Walkalloveryou. If we deposit a check on a Friday, regardless of the time, it doesn't post until Tuesday. But Thursday checks post on Friday? WTF?

nava said...

Oh yeah, I left them for the same reason; holding on to deposits while still charging, and never applying the 'one overdraft fee per year forgiveness' service they talk about. Being talked down to by the teller was the last straw. I also love how they charge you for transferring money between your accounts. Stupid bank. No wonder they got bought out.

kelly said...

ugh i hate them too. the same thing happened to me! you can never trust their atm's-the balance is never correct.
and can we talk about how i can't use any other banks' atm without paying $2 to MY OWN BANK to do so? So if i wanted to take out money i have to pay BOTH banks money. grr.such a rip off.

Liz Lancs said...

As soon as you put money in, it's their money and they're making interest on it.
The longer they keep it as "theirs" the more interest they make.
That's why they're keeping it over the weekend, and that's why they still operate "business days" when everyone knows that they leave their computers on 24/7 so we should get a 24/7 service!
Ggggrrrr - I hate banks too!