Monday, February 16, 2009

Belated Valentine Whine

It's ValenTINE'S. With an N. Stop saying ValentiMe's!!!!!!! I hate that. It's f#cking annoying! Even if you are only 4 years old.


Marinka said...

If you don't break the 4 year old of this habit, it'll follow him his whole life. Unless he gets gender reassignment, and then it'll follow HER her whole life. Excellent whine!

acute_disaster said...


Jodi said... almost-10-year-old used to say oak-a-meal for oat meal. I'll still ask, "Do you want oak-a-meal for breakfast?" But he looks at me like he's considering assisted care facilities.

Julie B. said...

LOL - yea and according to my 3 year old the main character of the Wizard of Oz is some girl name Darby AND that happens to be what the movie is called to (and that's just what I UNDERSTAND of what she says...)