Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

i'm sorry you think i'm such a negative person because i chose to communicate some issues to you.  yes, i have struggled a lot during the past couple of years.  i was very blessed for most of my life and never had to handle adversity of any sort.  life has thrown me several curve balls in the past couple of years and i have not handled them as well as i wish i had - i'm still learning.  i'd like to think of myself as a fun-loving person.
but i do not exist to make you feel better about yourself.  i'm sorry that you are unable to handle it when i communicate any negative feelings toward you.  i tried to keep it as objective as possible and emphasize that it is my opinion.  'i feel' and 'i think'.  i'm sorry that you think it was mean.
so, mr. 'that's why i broke up with you', speaking of mean, you can have it now:  cheers, and take care.  i hope that you can find yourself a smoking hot 18 year old who loves you because you're aggressive and powerful and have money and she poops sunshine and roses because that's all you can handle.  maybe she won't freak out like i did when she finds your anti-wrinkle cream and eyelash curler in her bathroom, and maybe she won't get mad that you spend all your money and attention on yourself instead of her.
i suggest that you take a time out and call me if you ever repair your fragile ego and are able to have a real friendship with both take and GIVE.  the ball's in YOUR court now.
love always,


Maura said...

Actually, I think the balls are in the medicine chest in the bathroom, next to the anti-wrinkle cream and eyelash curler.

Anonymous said...

he sounds like my ex...except not so gay.
maybe hes gay..sounds like it.
you deserve better and i dont even know you.