Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Gymnastics School,

I pay good money to send my children to you two afternoons a week. Your regular teachers seem to be doing a decent job. Every time one of them is sick though, you let some teenage idiot run the class. The problem is every other class is being run by these teenagers. So here's the deal, I take my kids to your school and you let them jump on the trampoline for 40 minutes. If I wanted to let my children jump on a trampoline, I'd freaking send them into my backyard. Much cheaper and honestly a hell of a lot closer. However I don't pay you for something they could do at home. Hire some more teachers or give me my dam money back.



ShallowGal said...

Ditto babysitters who put kids in front of the tv. They can watch tv on their own dime. Do something to wear them out, or at least lead them in a rousing game of "Let's clean the living room"

Issa said...

If I ever find a sitter that plays lets clean the living room, I'll buy them a pony.