Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Husband,

Of course it is "easier" for you when we all go in the family locker room at the gym to get ready for swimming time. Because when we go in the family room, I strip down both children, get them into their suits, store everything away, and then after we swim, I strip them down again, shower them, rinse out their suits, get them both dressed, wring out all the suits, repack the bags, put on their shoes and coats for them, and shepherd them out the door. You only have to shower and change yourself, whereas if we separated, and you took our son to the men's locker room, and I took our daughter to the women's, you'd actually have to shower, change, wring out, coat up, and otherwise supervise a child. *gasp*

But I have news for you: the family locker room is not easier. It is really really crowded on a Sunday. There aren't enough potties for all those little kids. There aren't enough showers for all those families. And because we (and everyone else) has to stand around shivering and dripping in wet bathing suits waiting for a shower to open up, the floor is soaked, slippery, and sure to make everyone's socks wet before they have to put on their shoes -- which makes children whine, in case you didn't notice. (But maybe you didn't notice, since you didn't put on their shoes.) Also, it's not very roomy in there. And it smells funny.

Granted, this week, you did actually put on one child's pants and another child's socks, even if you didn't manage to carry out anything except your own stuff and you did wander off before the children were properly shod and ready to leave. (Since when did I turn into the family pack mule?) But how about this: next week, we divide and conquer? Just for a crazy crazy change of pace, let's do what's easier for ME, shall we?

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♥ Braja said...

Does that mean someone is pissing in the pool?