Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Lady Behind Me in the Starbucks Line

Am I in line?  Why no, I just come down from my office to hang out in the Starbucks line every morning for shits and giggles - I don't really want any coffee!  I'm sure you're in a hurry and running late for work, just like I am.  I understand that.  But I also had one too many martinis on my date last night, and my cat woke me up at 4am playing a fun game of 'hairballs all over the carpet.'  I am thus unable to function before my $4 latte, and I find your grubby little lunch bag brushing against the back of my suit jacket quite repulsive.  Back the eff off, or I may be forced to turn to violence.

1 comment:

ShallowGal said...

Isn't it nice that the economy is so strong we can all take off work and just stand around and smell the coffee?