Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Tenants,

I don't care if you don't like each other anymore... you both still signed that little thing called a contract. No you irresponsible shit, your mommy calling the property manager to "find out" what will happen if (translate to when) you don't pay is not a good idea. I don't care if Mr. Boyfriend now lives in another state... you still signed a CONTRACT.
I might not see a fucking dime... but I will do what I can to fuck up your future credit and all else.
Home Owner


Unknown said...

ya know.. it's one thing that the economy sucks and you can't pay your bills.. it's a whole other to have mommy call on your behalf.. some people will N E V E R grow up. I hope you get the deadbeats out soon

country mouse said...

And shame on Mommy for calling on an ADULT'S behalf.

We have renters too. We've never been brave enough to send anyone's account to a collection agency. And we SO SHOULD HAVE. If they're going to screw up our monthly income (wich, ahem, we actually *need*) and they're in breach of contract, then by golly the consequence is screwed up credit. The end.

Good luck : )