Thursday, February 5, 2009

Digital Democracy

So I'm driving to work, listening to NPR in order to dazzle my co-workers with some tidbit that they didn't hear because they're listening to some crap morning show where people just make fun of each other and laugh at stuff that is juvenile and not funny.  And the story comes on about the tranistion to digital TV.  Haven't we all been beat over the head with this for well over a year?  Is it a surprise to anyone that already has a TV? I'm sure this is the main reason my husband felt it necessary to buy a huge LCD TV last month.  Despite the fact that we have cable so the whole digital TV thing isn't an issue.  Ahem.
But now the government has wisely decided that so many Americans are incapable of dealing with The Transition that we need to give everyone four more months to haul their asses down to the clearance bin at Circuit City and either buy a new TV or one of those converter box thingies.  Or subscribe to cable.  I'm sure that wasn't one of the motivating factors.  Of course not.  Obviously, this is a convoluted and boring whine, but the main thrust is:  since when is it the government's job to make sure all good Americans watch TV?


Marinka said...

When I first heard about this whole TV conversion business, I predicted nationwide panic. People we Americans love our TV and if we can't watch our stories, lord knows what will happen. Disclaimer: I'm not exactly Nostradamus.

MommyTime said...

Did you hear that in Brazil, a judge actually awarded damages to a litigant who was suing for distress over the fact that he'd been sold a TV that didn't work? He was legally harmed by his inability to watch television. Fortunately for you, I don't speak Portuguese, or this comment would be come a rant of its own, really long and unintelligible.

Maura said...

I've been pondering this lately. The only thing I can come up with is that, with the economy so bad and people losing jobs right and left, having a whole bunch of obviously poorly educated people suddenly without their TVs in working condition, with no Jerry Springer and Cops to watch, and therefore having nothing else to do, they could become a security issue.