Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't get me wrong

I love you, I adore you. As far as I'm concerned you hung the moon and
the stars and all the planets in our solar system. I'd do anything for
you in a heartbeat. So, why oh why oh why oh why do you make bed time
so difficult. It's not hard, we do the same thing every night and with
the exception of the potty we've done the same thing every night for
the last 2.5 years.

potty, bath, potty, brush teeth, jammies, stories, tuck you in, turn
out the light

Could you please for the love of all things that are good and peaceful
stay the fuck in your bed and go right to sleep.

And by sleep I do not mean drag all your stuffed animals into the
closet with you. I do not mean go look out the window, or lay down in
front of your door and push your blanket under the door crack. I do
not mean stand in the middle of the room with your blanket over your
head so I won't see you.

As your mother who has just spent the whole day with you; from your
5:30 wake up (Which BTW is too early for you to be waking up, you know
it, I know it and the neighbor downstairs has told us all about how he
knows it too) until your 7pm bedtime. I do not think it's cute or
adorable that I have to go in to your room a minimum of 3 times a
night after I have wished you sweet dreams. I do not relish finding
you completely undressed and your night diapers hidden under your bed
with your pj's jammed between your mattress (once you can hold your
pee pee all night long with no accidents you can sleep in the buff all
you want but not before then)

Just go to sleep already!
I'll be a much better Mommy if you just do this for me

now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go put her back in bed again


Anonymous said...

maybe you need a cocktail at bedtime....

Sandi said...

I am think I am raising your child's long lost siblings perhaps? May I send them over to you?

The Panic Room said...

Wow. You just described our nights. We cut out the nap and it helped. But man was it rough cutting out that nap. We have tried everything you can try. We are thinking of getting a treadmill and tying him to it for a few hours before bedtime and setting it to uphill jog.

Oh MY Lord.

good luck

Unknown said...

It's no better at 3 1/2...

CSY said...

Its not any better at 11 either...