Thursday, February 26, 2009

EIGHT minutes to make toast?

Honestly, "toaster" oven maker, get over yourself.  Just call your appliance a mini-oven. I could achieve results faster with this piece of bread if I used a Victorian toasting fork over an open flame that I had to light by hand.  And I'm tired of eating dried-out-bread in the mornings instead of toast because after five minutes (which is a really long time to stand around hungry staring at a jar of jam and a knife and twiddling your thumbs), I can't stand it anymore and just take the bread out of the mini-oven already.

Stupid fancy appliance.


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CoftheU said...

LOVE IT! Mine did the same thing. When I was on vacation and my mom watched the kids she went out and bought a REAL toaster. Now fancy schmacy is just for toasted sandwiches and reheating. And taking up room.