Thursday, February 5, 2009


Would my Facebook friends please, please, PLEASE stop sending me invitations to causes, drinks, pokes, flair, bizarre "gifts," and birthday requests (unless there is a gift forthcoming)?  And I am never going to do that 25 things about me list, so give it up.  For the love of Pete, I just want to play Scrabble and see if you are aging better than I am.


MommyTime said...

OMG you have the same friends I do! I throw a sheep in your general direction in sympathy.

Jenny Grace said...

You obviously haven't discovered Scramble yet. It's boggle for facebook.

Maura said...

That's why they invented the "ignore" button. Eventually they'll get the point.

Or join that group the gives this ENORMOUS thumbs down to requests in your profile. Seeing that on someone's status pretty much puts me off from ever sending them anything again.

That said, I've learned that Facebook is a lot of work. More than I wanted, and more than I'd expected.

Unknown said...


Pamela said...

I screamed aloud as I read this---
I'm new to FB, but couldn't help think WTF? with all the doo-dads. I don't get it.
And what's with the Lil' Green patch! Together we can save the world! or other such bull shit.
I just want to see all the people from high school and take a little joy out of seeing how fat everyone is now.

Jodi said...

Miss Grace you evil vixen. Do not introduce me to more word games. I am weak.