Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dear sister-in-law,

You're killing me with the talk about why your life is so busy because you're running around taking your kid to karate class, horseback riding, fencing class, lute practice, chinese 101, voice lessons etc. The brat is 10 fucking years old! What, is she running for? Ms. America doesn't have that many hobbies!

When I was a kid, we had dance class once a week and played softball in the summers because my lesbian aunt Leilani coached the team and always needed extra players. And I hated softball! The rest of the time we actually spent with family! Or my mom would shove a book in my hand.

Stop trying to make your daughter more interesting and by extension you. It's embarassing and transparent.

Fencing indeed.


ShallowGal said...

Darn it, I forgot my lute lesson today.

Anonymous said...

LOL, My sister-in-law competes for busiest person every too. Church, volunteer work, taking care of husband, spoiling dogs, perfect house. Oh did I mention, NO KIDS.

Give it up, you will never win. But I am letting you think you win, because I don't want to play that game with you anymore.