Monday, February 9, 2009

For those people who cannot count...

Alright - I know you already had to endure a long winded whine from me earlier, but I have been frazzled once again by an inconsiderate cow that can't count.

The sign above the checkout clearly states "LESS THAN 8 ITEMS"

Can you not count? I can - and you had 23 itmes on the conveyor. TWENTY THREE. (please note... I had 2). To make matters worse, you decided that you had to rid your wallet of some change and proceeded to count out - not just loonies and twoonies - but everything down to nickles and pennies. For f*#k sakes... did you not notice the line up you were creating?

Well I guess you're not entirely to blame. If the cashier would have taken the time to ask you which 8 items you'd like to purchase - instead of just giving a sympathic look to all the rule abiding shoppers standing behind you, well, perhaps next time you would reconsider stepping into a line that you had no business being in. ARGGGG!!

"Express checkout" my ass.

There. I feel a little bit better.

Maureen (again)


Maura said...

That is so unbelievably annoying. But if you ask the clerk why she didn't say anything, most of the time she'll say that they're not supposed to chide the customers about it, so "What can I do?" Grrr. You're lucky the biddy didn't also decide to write out a check.

The Panic Room said...

I'm calling shenanigans. This didn't really happen.

Marinka said...

Ok, so that wasn't me at the store in front of you (wait, is the Grammar Maven among us? Because if she is, I meant to say that "that wasn't I at the store in front of you") but I often have the counting problem myself. Because if I get 5 yoghurts, doesn't that count as one. And that tub og ice cream shouldn't count because, well, I've emotionally eaten it already. Certainly milk and juice don't count, they're staples. What, you want me to starve to death?!