Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fuck Spanish, English is better.

They say English is the hardest language to learn. What about Spanish, huh? I've taken two years of this shit, and I still can't speak an entire, intellectual sentence. There are too many words that sound the same, have too many accents, and just plain suck. I constantly forget half of them a minute after I learn the pointless verbs or prepositions. "It's good to learn Spanish," they say, Fuck. You. We live in America, and Americans speak English. Spanish is for people who live in SPAIN. I know I'm not going to work in an industry where there are no English speaking people. I'd shoot myself. The only reason I'm taking Spanish is it's good for college. I want the damn credit, not the language.

Learn English. Enough said.

- Angry


Marinka said...

Haha, I can't even form an intellectual sentence in English. Although I'm pretty sure they speak Spanish in countries other than Spain.

Tengo hambre.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they do.

Me no tengo hambre.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Spanish is easy trying learning German I can't even say my name is .....without fucking it up!

ShallowGal said...


vuboq said...

Donde esta el autobus?

And, ta da!, that's the extent of my Spanish abilities! Who da man? Who?

p-huong said...

... I'm sorry but I really can't believe you're complaining about learning Spanish. I take it you're either learning a foreign language for the very first time or you are really ignorant.

Anonymous said...

p.huong - I'm definitely learning it for the first time. Lol, and so far, it's not flowing well.

Heck, my Spanish instructor is white, and if she can learn perfect Spanish coming from a non-hispanic family, anyone can.

Just not me, because it's too stinking difficult. And I seriously try.