Monday, February 23, 2009

Global Warming?

I am so sick of this winter I could hang myself by my frozen Christmas lights.  I am sick of being cold.  I am sick of being in this house 24x7 except when I have to leave it.  Then I'm sick of going outside in sub-freezing temperatures, being whipped by winds blowing from the north at what feels like 400 miles an hour.  I'm sick that we paid thousands to go to Disney World only to be met wtih 'record cold' temperatures.  I'm sick of the solid inch of ice we got last night that covers every outdoor surface.  I'm sick of the tundra of my front yard covered with snow that's been there since the beginning of December.
I'm sick of my kids being inside the house all the time and worrying about how much and what types of television they're watching.  I'm sick of yelling at them that this is not a gym and my couches are not trampolines.  I'm sick of hearing myself yell at them when all they need is a place to play and run and jump.  I'm sick of paying for indoor gyms and jumpy places and playgroups so that my children can run off this energy.  I'm sick of my house looking (and probably smelling) like two children, two adults, a dog, and a cat have been trapped inside of it for the past three months.


K.Line said...

Oh, I am sooooo with you on this. It's been hideous weather. So much crappy snow, sickness, frozen air, darkness and misery. It has got to turn into spring. Like now.

Anonymous said...

soooooo you probably don't want to hear that it has been 80 and sunny here in Scottsdale for 3 days then right?