Sunday, February 8, 2009


About the capitalization thing.  It is PERFECTLY OK to use capitalization as a literary device.  See?  I just did it.  One might capitalize letters or entire words to call attention, for emphasis, or to make an informal noun formal, i.e. using The Husband rather than his real name, which is that-miserable-asshole-I-shouldn't-have-married-but-at-least-I-got-a-really-great-kid-out-of-the-deal.

What is annoying is when someone breaks grammar rules because s/he doesn't know them, not because s/he understands the rules but flexes them to engage his or her creative voice.  Like using incomplete sentences to mimic conversation.  Which I just did.  More than once.

Also, blog posts are usually informal writing, not literary submissions.  So grammar rules can be screwed with great regularity.  This makes the reader feel connected with the blogger on a personal level.  Hopefully a good bit shy of the stalker level.


The English Major (See?  Using capital letters to make informal nouns formal!  Except English would be capitalized regardless, because it names a language.)

P. S. - Oh crap, did I violate the spirit of SecretSpinless Whine?  Was this a whine?  I'm not sure.  My Husband (see italics in first paragraph) says I bitch and whine all the time so this MUST be a whine!  Allllrighty then.


Marinka said...

I agree. I also use capitalization ForEmphasis. And yes, blog writing is informal, but there's a difference in doing something for effect as opposed to doing it because the writer is, well, casually literate.

Maura said...

I also agree and, to me, the most important thing you said is about the difference between breaking grammar and writing rules for effect and simply not knowing them. HUGE difference.

I know that blogging (and tweeting) are informal but really poor writing takes a lot of the enjoyment out of reading it.