Friday, February 13, 2009

Grow up.

Get over it already. It was for the greater good. Plus, it happened over a week ago. You're as bad as a teenage girl: holding ridiculous grudges like this, dear brother. And so what if I called you a faker yesterday for going home sick? I was only JOKING. Hence the little smiley face in the text message? Joke joke? When I asked you on the ride home today, "What if it was one of your friends who called you the 'faker' for going home sick yesterday, would you be mad?" You told me no. "So, you'd take it as a simple joke, right?" You say yes. What the fluck difference does it make whether it comes from your friends, or your older sister? Don't take it so seriously. You ALWAYS do that.  It's a piss poor reason to be mad at me too. So take back what said about me going to hell. I'm tired of you being such an asshole to me this past week. Quit rejecting me when I call you. I just wanted to ask you if you were working today to pick me up and give Mom a break this week for once. I understand you haven't been feeling well, but even still, you don't have to be rude about everything. little. thing. You still holding this grudge towards me was understandable at first, but now you need to knock it the truck off. You're just an immature, somewhat respectful punk who thinks you know everything. You don't, because you can't seem to grasp the concept that I was doing you a favor.  GROW UP. You're going to be 18 this year.  Not only that, you've changed too. You used to be respectful, caring, and unselfish. Now you're the exact opposite. You disagree, of course, but I think you're in denial. "It's the hormones," Mom says. Yeah, that may be true, but you can at least control yourself, right? My hormones are about as raging as yours are, but I can control them for the most part. And quit telling me I have no life. I DO have a life, thank you very much. It may not consist of what you do: hang out with friends, holding a job, driving. We lead two different lives. I am focused on education right now, I do my own things with my friends and I think the fact that I happen to be doing quite well in school, really, really gets to you.  You act like you're hopeless, but you're not. Get it through your head that you're about as capable as anybody to get honor roll. But whatever. Do what you please, dear brother. I still love you, and you just really need to realize I truly care about you. . . .

- Tiffany

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