Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm too PA to do or say anything but why the hell is it that when we are in the middle of moving I am the one who does the bulk of the packing, cleaning and chasing after the baby? Last I checked, you were a functioning adult with two working arms. Oh yeah and fucking off half a dozen times over the last week to play music and hang with your buddies is doing nothing to endear you to me either.

Oh yeah, and you chose to go out last night until 3 in the morning, no one put a gun to your head. Fucking well get the hell up and go to work like an adult. and don't come home and crash for two hours because you're soooooo tired, help me with dinner and bedtime you stupid ass.

Don' t be surprised if your precious collection of whatever they hell those things are aren't packed too nicely and don't survive the move. BTW when you are moving it's generally common sense to refrain from ordering things that just have to be re-packed up with all the other crap you keep buying, until after you're at your new address.

I feel much better now

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rachel... said...

I can't believe you don't say anything. I would have said all of those things already. Of course, maybe that's why we're in couples therapy. :/