Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey 7-11 we aren’t in kindergarten anymore!

Hey 7-11 we aren't in kindergarten anymore!


I know its cold and flu season.  I know things are starting to bloom.  I KNOW all of these things get a man's sinuses out of whack.  But for the LOVE of 7-11 can you stop with the SLURPEES.  It's like you are vacuuming your desk with your nose over there on the other side of that cubicle wall.  I have to hold my shit down to keep it from flying over!  Did your mama not teach you any better?  Are you hunting truffles in your cube?  It's gross dude – and you are a grown man.  So knock it the fuck off…

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AD said...

Haha! Hunting truffles.