Friday, February 27, 2009

Honor Thy Parents

My father is visiting and he has the TV turned up so freakin' loud.  Get some hearing aids FCOL, before I consider patricide as a viable option.


Freda Livery said...

Yes, yes I know EXACTLY what this is like. My Father-in-law is deaf and refuses to accept it.

When we see him, we engage in conversation and he answers questions that he thinks we asked, rather than the one we did ask.

When we tell him that we think he needs to get his hearing checked, he gets all deffensive and insists that there's no problem, and that he just wasn't concentrating.

Feck, I hope I'm not that screwed up when I get to 80!

Jodi said...

When I suggested he turn it down he launched into a long tale about how he went to the ENT and she said his hearing is fine for his age. Ummm...HELLO?...72? In other words, YOU HAVE LOST HEARING! There, I yelled. Think he heard it?