Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hubby  - Starting questions with "Aren't you EVER gonna..." is not ever a good decision on  your part but it's especially risky before 8am.  And no. I'm NEVER going to buy an effing dish rack. I'd rather dry the dishes with my hair.

Hateful bank person - What do you MEAN a $9 fee for dropping below the absurdly high minimum for ONE DAY.  I thought it was a monthly average.  And, yes, I did tell you to enjoy your layoff.  I'm hateful too.

Site I need for my job - Not an email or a note?  Not even a HINT that everything will be messed up and different today?  WTF? Where are all my projects?  Why is your helpline terminally busy? Don't you know I don't deal well with change?!

Skinny child that sits near the candy jar at work - yes it's my third. deal.


Marinka said...

If you moved the candy jar closer to me, I'd never ever question your right to take as many pieces as you wanted.

lol at "enjoy your layoff".

Maura said...

I loved the "enjoy your layoff" part, too. I might not ever actually get those words out of my mouth, but you know I'd damned well be thinking them!