Monday, February 16, 2009

I don't like you.

I think it's the fact that you're gay. Actually, that is it. I mean, you're not the type of gay that nobody notices because you act more like a man, or the openly gay person without that touch of annoying (which is the kind I like), but you're the type of gay who is judgemental, "stylish", has that accent, and thinks you're the single most greatest, smartest, best-looking person in the world.

I may smile and laugh at your jokes, but it's all an act. You bug the shit out of me. I hate your voice. I HATE your voice. You sound like a fucking girl, and it disgusts me. Usually, I can tolerate gay guys, but not you. You have such an ego about yourself, it's unbelievable. You may ask about my problems, but once I start talking, you then talk about your own. If you're going to fucking ask me "What's wrong?" and I'm willing to talk, you better fucking listen. I don't want to hear about you and your life at home because you don't know what your parents would think if they found out you were homosexual. Fuck. I have far bigger problems at home than you do, buddy. And if you say you believe you were born with being gay one more time, I'm going to fucking drop kick you. You're not born being homosexual. It's a CHOICE and you're confused. Insanely, and utterly confused about what gender and sexual preference you should be and have.

Quit asking me if your coat is stylish. Fuck, I don't really care! It's a black pea coat. Do you know how many people own one of those?! It's hardly stylish anyway. Does it even keep you warm when it's cold out? I think the snow just melts on through that thing, doesn't it? Yeah. Don't lie.

I hate sitting at lunch break with you, and you looking at all the people around us, whispering rude things about their appearance. Half of those people are my friends, you fuck. And I told you before to shut the hell up about them. One of these days, I'm going to take my hot, steaming, lidless, coffee and throw it at your face.

I don't know how much longer I can take of you.

I've always thought that I should just figure out where your parents lived, and stick a note in their mailbox saying what a flamo you are.

I might do that.


Marinka said...

So here's the thing. I'm a world class whiner and I encourage all whines. Truly. And god knows I think that gay people, like the rest of us, can be huge assholes. Anyone can be a huge asshole, that's the beauty of living in America--equal opportunity. But the whole I'm going to out you to your parents thing just really, really bugs me. Because being gay in America, even in 2008 is no fucking picnic. Well, I don't even know if picnic is a right term, because for me, a pincnic is just another rung of hell.

And becaise I knew someone in college who was outed to her parents and it was just awful and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I guess this is my whine. Or maybe even a rant.

♥ Braja said...

Er..whine? That's an understatement. Time to dropkick Jeez, I'd hate to see you with an enemy....!

Marinka said...

Ok, I just realized that it's 2009. When the hell did that happen?

ShallowGal said...

FYI, your friend was born gay. Just like you were apparently born an asshole.


Anonymous said...

(high fives ShallowGal)

Christy said...

Yeah, I'm with ShallowGal. This is a whining site and I'm pretty sure that was more of a homophobic tirade...but of course it's up to the editors to decide if that type of thing can remain anonymous...but then I'm assuming they can pinpoint the emailer, which is probably impossible. Cowardice is what's so ugly here.

blognut said...

I love you shallow gal because I was going to say the same thing! WTF?

I think the writer needs to own up to their latent homosexuality and admit that they might actually love this guy.

Melanie said...

Thanks for speaking up Shallow Gal (and oh snap!). This post is just gross. Yuck. I feel icky now that I've read it. What a lot of messy homophobic hate. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you all were offended, but I've met plenty of gay men in my 32 years of life, and he is the only one I can't stand.

The ONLY one. Everyone else are dolls.

But if you were to meet this guy in person, then you'd know what I'm talking about.

He's terrible.

And I guess you can say I'm terrible too, but oh well. I had a bad night last night, and I needed to vent.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that you not being able to stand him and him being gay are completely unrelated to one another. And irrelevant.

K.Line said...

This isn't whining. It's homophobic hate mail.

AD said...

I wish we could vote on these "whines". Like, if they were too offensive to some people, we could give it a thumbs down, and then the post would be deleted after a certain number of thumbs down, you know?

To the author: I take it you're a guy because most girls love gay guys. Men are generally the homophobes.

I have two friends that are gay, and they're great. They can sometimes be stuck on themselves, but doesn't everyone?

Give this guy a break. He probably thinks you're a good friend to him.

There is no reason for so much hate, dear sir.

jennygirltherat said...

Sigh. I'm going to stick up for Anonymous. Though I hate to do it, because I disagree with so very many things A said.
This blog is about SECRET whining. That's the point of posting anonymously.Are we the thought police now? Isn't this about our deepest inner-and-usually-unexpressed churlish, hateful, ungrateful, misanthropic, vile and totally un-PC thoughts? Apparently A has NOT said any of these things to GF, showing at least some degree of sensitivity, or at least acknowledgement that these things are better left unsaid in daily life.
Anonymous, I disagree with your ideas, but I'm glad you unloaded to us and not to GF. I hope you don't get so frustrated as to actually do those things. Thank you for respecting (outside of this blog) prevailing social mores, even when your beliefs are challenged or even mocked.
Okay I'm off the soapbox. And frankly GF does sound like an a-hole.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, if the guy doesn't like the guy he's talking about, let him be!

Us men do not like gay men. It doesn't mean we're homophobes, it just means we don't think it's RIGHT. Whatsoever.

In my case, it's against my religion and I frown upon homosexuality.

That's all.

Sorry we can't be as accepting as women are.


rachel... said...


Homosexuality is against your religion, but swearing and throwing hot coffee in someone's face is okay? Huh.

Issa said...

This isn't a whine, it's a horrible ass rant. Please keep you ignorance to yourself, because all you've done is make an ass out of yourself for the entire internet to see. My sis-in-law is a lesbian. She came out at 13 years old and she says she always knew she was gay. It's the way she was born and there isn't a dam thing wrong with it.

To anonymous B at 2:49pm, please don't speak for all men. I have a family full of men who are not afraid of gay men, nor lesbian women. And none of them are gay.

Anonymous said...

good for having this discussion, and the vivid comments, but as for the original whine, not as good as the usual high quality whines we get...lets move n folks... there's a lot of whining to be done.

Anonymous said...

good for having this discussion, and the vivid comments, but as for the original whine, not as good as the usual high quality whines we get...lets move n folks... there's a lot of whining to be done.

Maura said...

I'm definitely moving on because this was a hateful homophobic rant, not a whine. I suggest that the author find a hate site somewhere to unload on; that's not what we're here for.

yiqijiang said...

ok, so you don't like this person. Does being gay really have anything to do with that? So maybe he asks you about his style...he seems to have very low self-esteem, which makes sense because he's obviously afraid of coming out. Are you against him being gay or him being an asshole? Or maybe you are just completely void of compassion?

Liz Lancs said...

I'm with ShallowGal on this.
I think you're born whatever you are.

I think Anon needs to decide. If he hates this guy so much, why the hell is he pretending to be his friend. He should be a man and tell the friend that he doesn't want to spend time with him any more, and just have done with it.

That'd be much kinder to both of you than pretending.

echidna girl said...

My question is, if the ranter hates this guy so much why the heck is he hanging out with him and contemplating assault with coffee or ruining the guy's private life by telling his parents? He should just leave the guy alone because clearly, they aren't friends and if they're co-workers there must be some way he can keep his distance.

The author is a coward and a hypocrit if his feelings are this strong but he isn't willing to confront the guy and say that he'd just rather not hang out with him.

Anonymous said...

You said: You're not born being homosexual. It's a CHOICE and you're confused.

So tell me, oh spewer of ignorance, exactly which morning did you wake up and decide that you were going to be attracted to the opposite sex? Hmmm???