Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I hate Valentine's Day

Dude my birthday is on Friday and I’m sick and tired of everyone else getting flowers on my birthday. Such a frickin buzz-kill – especially when I don’t get any for either occasion. Suck!



Anonymous said...

Jen I feel ya... My b-day is the 14th! Born 2/14 12:05am. My mom would not push until she was told it was midnight. I am so tired of hearing oh I got this for v-day or I got this or listen to my card. HELLO ITS MY B-DAY!!! Sucks buying gifts for others on my b-day

ShallowGal said...

My youngest son's birthday is Friday too ! And since I was born on Mother's Day, so we're obviously related or something, I'll let you in on a secret. Starting tomorrow we'll be featuring Valentine's Day whines. And you get to be first !

(PS: Don't tell Marinka I ruined the surprise)

Marinka said...

Yeah, but at least this year VD is on a Saturday. And no one really wants to get flowers unless they're delivered to the office to that your co-workers can see and comment.

Jen said...

Well the shit of it is that my office is currently open and working on Saturdays - Double suck for me huh :(


Anonymous said...

Hope you'll check out my anti-love V-Day mustic video. It's the largest all-lady Youtube collaboration in history! Take care.