Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I work with stupid people.

If I e-mail you a form that MUST be filled out to get your computer fixed, guess what?  The form MUST BE FILLED OUT TO GET YOUR COMPUTER FIXED.  And if it says on that form to e-mail it to a specific address, guess what?  E-MAIL IT TO THAT ADDRESS.  And if the e-mail suggests that you save the document to your desktop for easy access, guess what?  (Ok, no more caps.  You see the theme, right?)
Also, since I took the time to make the form a template -- which should be idiot proof -- then please use the tab key to move to each box and give me the information I need.  There are only a few boxes, but they are all essential.  If you don't fill out the one asking where I can find you, guess what?  I can't find you.  If you don't fill out the ones for your computer model and serial number, guess what?  I don't know which computer to fix.  If you don't fill out the one to describe the problem, guess what?  I don't know what the hell the problem is.  Add two or more blank boxes and the summation is that your computer is not getting fixed because it probably isn't messed up; you're just an idiot.
For those Einsteins who print the form and then hand deliver it, guess what?  Now I get to open the template, fill it out, and submit it to the e-mail address on the form.  Because guess what?  No e-mailey, no fixey.  That is how it works.   See?
And for those of you who do not know what "save it to your desktop" means, who the hell hired you?  I didn't know we had a position open for "Dumb Fuck, level I."  Had I known that I would have my cousin an application.
The IT Guy


Marinka said...

What are you saying? Never mind, I'll just fax the form in.

BioniKat said...

What do I do if my email's broken?

Anonymous said...

IT Guy says: If your e-mail is broken, use a different computer. You can even use mine!

Unknown said...

but what if I am spoiled and you like me and i can jeust tell you whats wrong as you walk by.. you ALWAYS fix it

ShallowGal said...

You had me at IT guy.

xoxo, SG

PS: We're having this issue with disappearing posts. Can you help us?

Marinka said...

Duh, ShallowGal, you have to email the form back to him, not ask on a blog.

And I thought that he was the "It" guy. You know, THE one. I was excited.

Anonymous said...

IT Guy says: Fill out the form in pencil, skip the NAME line, then put it in my staff mailbox. I'll be right on it.

(because this didn't just happen...)

Sarah said...

I feel you. I was waiting at the post office yesterday and had an idiot computer user on the phone behind me. Saying, "well just turn it on, give it a few minutes and you'll see what I'm talking about." Really, if you just sit there, it breaks all by itself? Without you touching it????

Good luck!