Wednesday, February 4, 2009

if you don't want me to wipe off your nose

then you should refrain from catching whatever disgusting cold or flu
bug that comes into contact with you. I mean really, you know from
experience that I can't stand to see boogers and snot gushing from
your nose. You know from experience that when I see that rivulet of
mucous that I'm going to clear it away and that the clearing away is
going to involve the use of a tissue.

The instant temper tantrum you throw each time this happens just
causes more nose wiping (and a strong desire for Mommy to either jump
out the window or slam back the 4 airplane sized bottles of Godiva
chocolate liqueurs that have been sitting on the shelf mocking Mommy
since she found out you were on the way), it's a vicious circle and as
your mommy I have no other option but to continue until you learn to
blow your own nose or get over that stupid virus.

PS for mothers day this year I'd really like....


Unknown said...

come on mom! That's what the childs sleeves are for ;)

TMCPhoto said...

not if the child also insists on being a nudist and or would rather let her hair get caught in it while she tries to stem the flow with her tongue

Ms. Shappalicious said...

is it considered child abuse, if you pin down your toddler using your knees while she unleashes blood curdling screams just for your own satisfaction of conquering the booger that has been mocking you for hours (or at least minutes)???

TMCPhoto said...

absolutely not! in fact it's good for character building

jennygirltherat said...

Shappalicious -- no it's not child abuse. I did it all the time. Now she's 10 I've instructed her that if she doesn't take care of it, preferably in the shower, I will still do it for her, in public.
If you can't have a little fun, why be a parent?