Monday, February 9, 2009

Interrupting Peers.

Dear College Classmate,

Nearly every day you ask for my help with your work.

First off, I'm not your instructor. You're not paying me to tutor you. I have my OWN work to do. Go figure it out somehow else.

Second; if I DO decide to help you, shut the fuck up while I explain the solution to your problem, rather than verbally steamrolling my assistance. If you want help, ask and then shut up. If you don't want help, then skip the first step and just shut the hell up.

I swear; the next time you ask me to drop all my own responsibilities to help you, and then cut me off mid-sentence, I'm going to grab the nearest sharp obect and embed it firmly into your femoral artery. Meaby then you'd quiet down and wait until I'm done doing your damn work FOR YOU before you speak. Okay? Sound good?

I've had about enough.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well said! That goes for ANYONE that asks for help with ANYTHING!