Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is the Whistling THAT necessary???

Hey boyfriend,

I know it's your only day off and that you're happy to have one after working all those long hours...but remember last night when you asked what I was doing today and I said, working, doing homework/studying, and working again?

I guess when you got up at 9:45 you didn't notice my book and notebook spread out across my desk, or the fact that my nose was wedged in between.  Just a hint, that was me STUDYING and doing HOMEWORK and trying really hard to concentrate on this crap class.

You deciding to cheerily play music in the background I couldn't I went upstairs so that you could still enjoy the music.  Why did you then feel the need to whistle SO LOUDLY that it came upstairs and past the door???  Were you really feeling Kenny Chesney that much???

Then when I tell you finally that I'm heading to the STUDY, you say, why?  hmmm let me think.  After I tell you why, why do you feel the need to apologize profusely so that I have to keep saying, no it's okay that I'm driving 20 minutes away to get some peace and quiet?  Just let it go.

Thanks for the cooperation.

Your Loving Girlfriend.


WackyGrandma said...

Um, I'm confused. Men actually know how to apologize?? Really? When did this happen? I thought they were all knowing, always right, supreme beings of the universe. Oh wait, that could just be my husband's opinion.

p.s. yes, Kenny Chesney is worth whistling over

Everyday Goddess said...

The apologizing is really annoying.