Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It irritates me to no end when I treat myself to a junky book and it turns out to be Christian chick-lit. This entire genre seems to be a contradiction in terms, isn't the point of reading chick-lit the gratuitous sex and obscenities?


jennygirltherat said...

Okay, now I am DETERMINED to write Christian chick-lit loaded with obscenities and gratuitous sex. Maybe that's my niche.

Issa said...

Without the obscenities and gratuitous sex, isn't it just like reading the bible?

It's like Christian rap. They make it, Christian rap. Can you imagine? I'll take Emenim any day over that crap. When I want to cuss and be angry, I listen to it. You take out the cussing, all you have is um....the bible?

Ok, never mind.

Maura said...

TOTAL contradiction in terms. There are always clues on the cover, you just need to look harder!