Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I find out yesterday one of the guys at my company got fired for sleeping on the job. A few of my coworkers felt bad for him what the economy, poor job market, family, blah blah blah. I of course had to take the low road and laugh about it. How the hell do you fall asleep at work? We are swamped here trying to pick up the slack after all the cutbacks over the years. Besides, I can't imagine sleeping uder the flourescent lights, the noise, drooling on my keyboard, possibly ending up snoring, yelling out something inappropriate, or worse, humping the chair, ya know? So I laughed. What a dumbass.


Here comes the karma.....So this morning after I showered, I accidentally slathered myself with the wrong body lotion. Instead of the advanced therapy all over super hydrating body lotion, I USED THE ZZZZ-THERAPY NIGHT TIME RELAXATION AROMA THERAPY LOTION!!!


O Mi God, I have had 8 cups of coffee and am completely wired. But I am sure that is the very last symptom and conscious thought you have before dropping face first on your keyboard. I'm SORRY GOD!! and you too Bob.

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ShallowGal said...

I'm pretty sure if you look KARMA up in the dictionary, that's the EXACT definition.

xoxo, SG