Thursday, February 5, 2009

Local News drama

I get that I live in Florida and it almost never gets down into the 20’s at night. But do we have to have around the clock reporting that it’s COLD outside? I mean you understand that when we wake up we can tell it’s cold out because IT”S FUCKING COLD in our house. We don’t need 24 hour around the clock news flash warnings to tell us about it. Do you think we wake up and are confused and can’t figure out what’s going on? Here is a 3 minute segment I just witnessed on our local news channel. I’m glad I caught this because I wasn’t sure what to do this morning when I was getting the 4yr old ready for school. And then I was lucky enough to catch this report and realized I should put a jacket on him this morning. Thank God I had the news on.


1. Dress warm

2. Beware of hypothermia

3. Call 911

Pacing the Panic Room


Marinka said...

I swear this is Husbandrinka's biggest pet peeve. (I KNOW! You'd think being married to me, he'd have a few dozen more). But you and he are absolutely right--every time a snowflake hitting the ground, the news goes wall to wall with coverage.

Jodi said...

My mother is currently up here (still in the South, mind you) from Palm Beach. Her friend in central FL keeps calling to say, "It's COLD!" And then my mother has to relay this to me, "Janet says it's COLD!" This happens multiple times a day. Like I care?

Anonymous said...

I live in central florida, and I hate our FOX 35 news anchors.