Saturday, February 28, 2009

Featured Whine: Now It's Medical!

Leigh aka Modern Mommy whined and I couldn't be happier. That doesn't sound odd, right?

Okay Pink Scrubs, I think you and I need to have a little chat. I understand that you are very important and that this doctor's office would fall apart without you. In the (roughly) year since you (maybe) graduated from High School and started working here you've already outlasted two check-in girls and an RN. I can appreciate the disadvantage you are at since you 1) have to wear *ick* scrubs and can't show off your boobs, and 2) have to deal with the doctor's wife breathing down your neck about personal phone calls. I think what you don't understand, however, is that without all us annoying patients you would probably still be working at Hooters. So next time the doctor is running 45 minutes late don't walk me the three feet to the exam room while scowling. Don't act irritated that I dared to (nicely) ask the front desk what was taking so long. Because sweetie? My husband eats lunch with your employer on a regular basis. And I'm pretty sure your arch-nemesis over there at check-out would love to graduate to assisting in the back office. See ya in four weeks for my recheck. Think you can manage a smile?

Leigh (Modern Mommy)


Marinka said...

I never understood why people who work in medical offices insist on making the experience more unpleasant for everyone!

Val said...

Look at you, didn't know you could be so bitchy! lol

p-huong said...

For a quick moment, you made me think about my old volunteer job at the hospital. Fuck, was I was natch to any of the patients? But then I remembered all the patients loved me and sometimes the nurses would wonder where I was because I was sitting in the examine rooms chatting with the patients.

Anyways,next visit you should push her buttons just for fun.

Anonymous said...

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