Monday, February 2, 2009

My spineless whine

I work as a customer service rep. It irritates the HELL out of me when
people spell every word they say. Pine.. that's P I N E Yes
douchebag, I do know how to spell SOME words. The harder words.. they
leave for me to guess at the spelling

Caller: I live on Pine P I N E St

Me: Sigh... and what is the intersecting street.

Caller: Caloosahatchiwatchie St and can you tell them my house has a
red roof, I don't want them to miss it.

Me: OK.. back up I can spell PINE.. but a need a tad bit of help
spelling Caloosahatchiwatchie

Caller: Oh I'm sorry.. hold on I 've lived her 15 years and I still get
it wrong

ME: Putting caller on mute and making a noose of my phone cord (YEAH
but you expect ME to wing it)

So PLEASE people. I BEG you, give the person on the other end of the
phone the benefit of the doubt. Only spell things if they ask you .
Otherwise, chances are they have words like Smith, Log, and Willow
pretty much figured.

Thank you

Dizzblnd aka Soggy-doggy-bloggy <>


Marinka said...

I'm sorry, but lololololol!

That's "L" as in lourdes, "O" as in "octapus", L as in "Lilliput".

Unknown said...

LMAO Marinka! Thanks for posting this I feel so much better now. You must have tour hands and your inbox full. Great idea for a blog!