Monday, February 23, 2009

No time for games

Mom grow up! Your my mom and sometimes I need to you act like a mom or even a grandmom. Yes my daughter is having surgery tomorrow. I called you.. I asked you to come... You said NO... Now you feel bad and think your tears will make it better...

A play by play of my phone chat with my mother

Me: Hey mom I saw you called whats up
My mom: I was calling for Riley
Me: oh ok well do you mind me asking what you are going to say
My mom: (as she turns on the tears) I was just going to tell her that I loved her and to listen to the Dr tomorrow.
Me: You can tell her that you love her and that your thinking of her but please do not say anything about Dr or tomorrow
My mom: G-D damn it I am tired of being told that I do not care. Now I have to be sensored to talk to my grand daughter.
Me: I'm sorry if you do not understand but when Bob and I tried to talk to her about the surgery she freaked out. There is no need to upset her.
My mom: crying more and more
Me: Ok look I can not deal with Bobs accident Rileys surgery and you crying over this

I hung up.................................

So why do I feel bad?


Anonymous said...

Because she is manipulating your emotions. On purpose. And she knows it. You did the right thing.

(No, of course I'm not bitter about my own mother, why do you ask?)

Ruth said...

because she's manipulating you ... mine couldn't make it when my daughter had brain surgery because she had to be at church, and no, regardless of whether my parents had church stuff to attend to or not, they ought to have been with us. And I'm not bitter about my mother either (pmsl!)