Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not Teh Awesome

What the hell is with people spelling "the awesome" like "teh
awesome"? How did this trend start? And why? I wish it would stop.
Imagine if we lal begna to tpye lkie taht? I feel teh schizophrenic
arleady. It's contagious, you know. STOP TEH INSANITY!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake


TMCPhoto said...

I blame dyslexia, I type the as teh all the time and it pisses me right off.

Marinka said...

I haven't noticed this trend, but as soon as I see it next, I'm going to be super pissed about it.

♥ Braja said...

Is Heather dyslexic? I don't see an issue....

Sarah said...

I don't get it either. My co-worker uses it every night we work. I googled and couldn't find anything that made sense.

Heather said...

I've seen it on Twitter a lot, but maybe I'm following a lot of people with learning disabilities.

No, it's definitely done on purpose.

vuboq said...

This is teh most awesomest whine EVER! Totally.

jennygirltherat said...

This is why texting is unappetizing to so many people (we call them ADULTS), who were required to learn to a) spell, and b)type.
Hey! Listen, you %235!/@ texters, is it the Hello-Kitty-pedophilic-cutesy-obsession-thing that makes you all want to write like 4 year olds?
1)I already know a code. Old people like my 44 year old self call it the English Language.
2) I know 26 letters of the alphabet, and how to arrange them in sequences in a meaningful way, that most other English speaking-and-reading people can understand. This is known as COMMUNICATION.
3)I can even do so to a modest extent in a couple of other Secret Codes-oops ACTUAL LANGUAGES.
4) Can you even count to 26? Do you know what comes after 9? No? No button for that? Can you calculate change in your head? Or at all? Ok so numbers are another symbolic system entirely. But still.
5)The OED exists for a reason. I'm aware you don't know what that code means. Google it.
Then learn to spell. If you're going to kill me, yourself and several friends in a fiery crash while text/driving, have the dignity to do so while spelling a 3-letter word correctly.

Maybe I should have submitted that as a whine on its own.


jennygirltherat said...

I should apologize for the above and explain that the rant was not directed at the whine or the whiner, but was in fact a sub-whine riff on the whole text addiction subculture. And also I was maybe just a little cranky in general.
My apologies for how that came across. What I should have said was "I hate that whole 'teh' thing too."
Which was what I mean to say.