Friday, February 13, 2009

The perfect storm

The day that I forgot to bring my insulated bags to the grocery store + 50 degrees in February + early on-set Alzheimer's disease = $50 worth of ruined dairy products

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Lori said...

Dang. But don't feel bad, I've done worse. We went to Florida for a week in June of 2007 and when we came back, I noticed that the freezer door in the basement was ajar. And the freezer was pretty full. Probably over $600 in food to throw out. And it was over 90 degrees at the time, so where do you put all this thawed out meat, in the garage? And the garbage guys don't come for 5 days yet? Luckily Pick 'N Save allowed me to use their dumpster - yay for Pick ' Nsave.