Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please God Make it stop

I am in so much pain.  Every now and then I get these horrible stomach aches.  Not period cramps, not even close to that time.  It feels as though someone forced an air compressor hose down my throat and pumped my stomach full of air, stopping right before the bursting point.

I am pretty sure it's an ulcer.  It really only acts up when I am stressed out.  And where is the source of my stress???  He is laying in our bed snoring his fucking head off.

He was crabby all afternoon and evening.  Snapping at the kids.  When I asked him what was wrong I got the stock "Nothing" answer.  So dinner was stressful, as I ran interference between my darling husband and my unsuspecting 9 year old daughter.  It wasn't 20 mins after the table was cleared that this started creeping up on me.  And now I will be up most of the night battling this.  Any sleep I manage to get will be promptly interrupted by pain that rivals child birth.  That's ok, I should look at the bright side... I probably wouldn't get much sleep anyway, as DH's snoring so loud it vibrates the bed. 

I wonder if hitting him over the head with a cast iron pan would make ME feel better?


Jodi said...

I have a cast iron skillet you can borrow.

Liz Lancs said...

Awwww {{{{hugs}}}}

I too married a snorer.

And he's an obnoxious snorer.

Things I've done in the past include getting a rechargable MP3 player, and some big, chunky, cover-your-whole-ear headphones. And sleep in them, playing music louder than the snoring.

Because the music is stuff I like, it doesn't keep me awake like the snoring does.

You could move in to the spare room until he seeks medical advice for the snoring problem - explain that you're worried about his health, since snorers frequently develop sleep apnea and people who suffer from that go on to develop heart trouble...

And, get yourelf off to the doc about your pains. Whether they're caused by stress or not, they're real pain, and need investigating.

Good luck with it.