Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm going out now and I asked my husband to check the pork roast at 5.  And he said to me, "and what should I do when it's ready?"
I don't know, call a rabbi? WTF?


yiqijiang said...

yes, call a rabi.
i left my boyfriend at home babysiting the quiche that still had about an hour left in the oven because i had to go to work. he calls me about half an hour later, when im working, telling me he thinks its done...but hes not sure. i told him to toothpick it...seems simple enough...and he tells me it wont work because the quiche is runny...


*jean* said...

damn - my husband has 3 college degrees and he can't figure out what to do when the timer goes off on something in the oven....what is wrong with them???