Monday, February 9, 2009

Stupid bitch

Dear Mother-In-Law,
No, there is nothing wrong with me and no, I am not tired.
If I appear to be acting aloof, it's because I'm still so fucking mad at you for taking my son to the state fair this summer and letting him get his ear pierced without calling and asking our permission.
Now he looks like a pimp in training and I hate that earring and you every time I see it.
More upsetting however was your refusal to apologize or even admit you 'd made a poor decision.
So yeah-- you're right. I'm not that excited to see you or talk to you.
Get out of my face.


rachel... said...

Okay, this was so NOT from me.

If my MIL had let my son pierce his ear, I would cut it off and send it to her, a la Van Gogh.

Jodi said...

Once when my oldest was about 2 my stepmom gave him a piece of candy and then said, "Ask your mommy if you can have this!" Like I could get it away from him at that point? Like she shouldn't have asked ME first, before she gave a TWO YEAR OLD a ROUND, HARD piece of candy at 8:00pm??????

You have more restraint than I, because I ripped her a new one.