Monday, February 9, 2009

Stupid People

If you wake up feeling stupid on any given day.. PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME!  As a customer service rep either myself or my coworkers have talked to EVERY stupid person in the world.  
If you do insist on calling me PLEASE listen to the words that come out of my mouth. Answer accordingly.  I don't need your whole life story when I ask you your phone number.
Ifg I ask you a yes or no question.. answer YES or NO There is no reason to tell me why the answer is yes or no.
You oidiots have given me the biggest headache..
OH wait... I just realized it's the full moom.  PLEASE   crawl back under whatever rock from which you cam and call me only after you have eaten some fish (you know for brain power)
Thank you,
All of the customer service reps in the world


Unknown said...

see? you have me so pissed off I can't even type correctly

jennygirltherat said...

I like moom. Moom moom moom. Moooooo-m. That's fun. (TV trivia: Anybody here old enough to remember "moooshy moooshy moooshy" ?)

AD said...

Lol. Moom.

Sarah said...

Amen to your rant.

Also, if you hear me greet you, then DON'T PUSH BUTTONS IN MY EAR. I do NOT have the power to know the tones of each number.

Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

SSAUER arrrrrrrrrrrrgh that drives me NUTS!

Unknown said...

jenny.. that was one typo I DIDN'T see.. Sadly I have no clue what you mean