Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the Douche Bag Who Tried to Pay His ($600) Cox Bill...

...With my checking account. 
You must A) watch a TON of porn; or B) Be VERY behind on your payments.  My purse was stolen less than a month ago, so you better believe I'm watching my life like I've never done before.  Anyhow, I never keep money in my checking account unless I have to pay for something.  So you, Mr. Douche Bag, have cost me $75.00 in returned check fees.  I can't wait until the investigators tie your attempted transaction to your Cox account number.  You better bet I will be sitting in court just so I can see your face (and waving the $582.58 that I have and you don't in your face). 
-The Poor Girl Who's Been Hit Twice Within a Month


Marinka said...

Oh, that sucks. Is Cox a porn site or something? Because that's certainly a great name for one.

ShallowGal said...

That's a pretty BALLSY thief