Monday, February 9, 2009

To the girls who sit next to me 2nd period,

You shitheads need to get your own paper, your own pencils and do your own damn homework! I've work too damn long and hard for my four years in high school and this is my final year. I'm not your fucking slave. Quit asking me for a pen. You don't give them back. Quit asking to copy my homework , because you're too stupid and lazy to do it yourself, you dumbfuck 11th grader. I'm tired of you, yeah you, you stupid egotistical bitch. I'm sick of walking in there every morning and having you always sizing me up. Yeah, my clothes fit me. Good job. You stick your fat ass in skinny jeans and tight t-shirts, and I can see every crevice and roll your body protrudes. It's disgusting. I hate hearing your whiny voice about how you wish you were at home, sleeping. And to the other girl. Shut the fuck up! You sound retarded with your Lithuanian accent, and you're just as bad as fat ass. You may be in the same grade as me, but you act just like the rest of them 11th graders. Do me a favor and go jump off a cliff, stupid bitches.


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Sandi said...

Shit, I don't miss high school!