Monday, February 9, 2009

To my braces:

Yeah, you may be straightening my teeth and all, but you really fucking suck. I hate how I wake up EVERY morning to find three coats of slime lining my lips, my teeth and the roof of my mouth. And how it literally takes three capfuls of Listerine to get the putrid taste out of my mouth. I hate how that one bracket in the back constantly tears at my lip, and when I eat, every salty thing has to sting the shit out of it. I hate the fact I have another fucking year with these thing on. When I floss, I hate how it takes up a full 30 minutes, and I end up missing Family Guy or whatever show may be on at the time.

But then again, I'm grateful I have you.
You may be a pain in the ass, but you're worth it.

- Tiffany

P.S. I also did the post about the girls in my second period class.

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