Monday, February 16, 2009

When I'm Writing at the Computer

PLEASE don't stand and read over my shoulder.  When I'm finished writing, I'll gladly read it to you. If it goes up on my blog, you can go check it out yourself.  If it's professional work, you probably aren't that interested anyway. But right now it's not done, and it's not pretty, and it's just raw words that I'm not comfortable putting out into the world yet, which is why I'm sitting by myself in a room with a cup of coffee and writing. Alone. With my coffee. And you. Staring over my shoulder at the screen. Which of these things doesn't belong here?

In short, you reading what I'm writing while I write it is sort of like letting you see me in my underwear on THOSE days of the month, but BEFORE we'd ever had sex. Really just not the kind of private glimpse I'm up for, mmm'kay? 


The Panic Room said...

why did this remind me of the scene in the Shining when Jack gets crazy when his wife interrupts him while he is trying to write? " I'm not being grouchy"

jennygirltherat said...

Are you trying to get me in trouble? My husband and I had this EXACT conversation a few days ago. He is totally going to think I posted this...

MommyTime said...

Dear Jenny's Husband,
She didn't write this. I'm quite sure of it. (But she is right.)
The author