Tuesday, February 3, 2009


To you guy who I've been sleeping with for 2 months:
Everything is amazing, your dog thinks I am his other mother, we laugh at the same jokes, watch the same stupid 80s movies, listen to the same crappy music, eat the same fast food and have the same thoughts about the same dumb mindless dribble.
I sleep soundly next to you, kissing you gives me butterflys and there is never a moment where we don't want to rip each others clothes off. My head feels perfect on your chest and I find you adorabley hot when you really are the nerdiest guy ever. I even like your stupid skinny legs and how you are the most cynical jerk in the world and all of your random ridiculous tattoos.
You even said we are amazing together.
So why oh why will you not wake up and realize this and let's stop having sex and actually date?
Stop being so scared of girls.
And stop telling me not to like you.
Too late.
And damn me for being hopelessly smitten with you.

Anonymous please.


Everyday Goddess said...

If he doesn't realize he is already in a relationship with you, then he is crazy. Not that I have not been in the same situation with guys. It is not you, it's him.

Christy said...

I really hope your situation isn't hopeless, but based on my past experiences when a guy says not to like him, it's pretty much hopeless! Hope it works out for you!

HoodChick said...

Don't worry. When 2 months turns into 2 years you won't like him so much anymore.